Episode 20: Joe Malenko / Jody Simon

By popular demand, Austin Idol Live welcomes it first returning guest this week, as Jody Simon rejoins the festivities! Hop aboard the Austin Idol love train, as the Universal Hearthrob, The Great Brian Last & Jody discuss:

– Ringside Physicians
– Hector’s Gym
– Tampa Devil Crabs
– The Mafia
– The Yakuza
– Austin Idol’s Near Death Experience In Japan
– The Dynamite Kid
– Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat
– Working In Puerto Rico
– Refereeing & Working In Mid Atlantic
– The Snake Pit
– Stretching Fans Who Want To Get Into The Business
– Bob Roop
– Eddie Graham
– Jody Breaking His Father’s Pinky
– The Great Malenko’s Background

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