Episode 30: Jerry “The King” Lawler

Austin Idol Live welcomes it’s most royal guest this week, as Jerry “The King” Lawler hops aboard the Austin Idol Love Train!
Topics include:

– Hurricane Harvey
– Why Austin Idol Moved Out Of Florida
– How Jerry’s Artwork Got Him A Job In Radio
– Jerry’s Run On Monday Night Raw
– Throwing Dropkicks
– Jerry’s Signature Moves

– Jeff Gaylord
– Kamala
– Memphis Wrestling’s Television Ratings
– Rocky Johnson In Memphis
– Jerry’s Memories Of The Hair Match
– Austin Idol Appearing At A Show Headlined By Jerry Lawler Vs. Tommy Rich
– Working Against Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen
– Jerry’s Cardiac Arrest
– Ricky Steamboat Visitin Ric Flair In The Hospital

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