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Episode 9: Terry Funk

One of professional wrestling’s all-time greats joins Austin Idol Live this week, as the Universal Hearthrob  & The Great Brian Last speak to the legendary Terry Funk!  Topics include:

– How Terry Met Austin Idol
– Wrestlers That Came From West Texas
– Wrestling Then vs. Now
– Rodeos
– Terry Doing Moonsaults
– Dusty Rhodes
– Doing “The Stroll” In Florida
– Terry’s Run-In With An Alligator 
– Why Wrestling Evolves
– Vince McMahon on 20/20
– “I Don’t Know”
– When Terry Knew Cable Would Change Wrestling
– Dick Murdoch Playing In The West Texas State Alumni Game
– Jerry Lawler
– Working In Memphis
– Booking Austin Idol In Japan
– Working For The Sheik

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